Thank you for supporting New Life Austin with your giving. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

For bookkeeping, in the text box above the Make A Donation button, please specify what your donation is for, using the following categories: tithes, general offering, building fund, missions. For example, if you want to donate a total of $100, but want $75 designated for tithes and $25 designated for missions, in the box type "tithes: 75, missions: 25" and then click the Make A Donation button. All donations without a description will be classified as tithes. On the next page, in the Price Per Item box, just type in the total amount of your donation and click continue.

We pray that the Lord blesses you financially as you bless the church with your giving!

Little Life Preschool parents, to pay your tuition online please refer to your email invoice for Click to Pay options.

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