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One of the joys of being a follower of Christ is being a part of a larger community of believers. We know from experience how wonderful it is to have the help and encouragement of others as we continue to grow and mature as followers of Christ. And we have a lot of fun together too!

Through gathering together for worship, participating in a small group for Bible study, or just getting together with others to hang out, we grow closer to God and to one another. It's a beautiful thing to feel like you really belong.

Whether you're taking your first step in getting to know about our church or making the decision to become a member of New Life Austin and participate fully in the life of the church, we are here to help you get connected to Christ and to the church and to fulfill your God-given purpose.

Following Jesus isn't about following him alone--a lone traveler on the highway to heaven--but being a part of a group of people, a spiritual family, who are following him together.